Oral Health Tips For Summer


During the summer months, your family’s schedule is topsy-turvy. That means getting your kids to eat right and maintain good oral hygiene can be a struggle. And with all this extra activity, there may even be a dental emergency or two. Here are a few oral health tips for summer that will help you protect the kids and their developing teeth from long-term damage and avoidable mishaps.

Keep Up That Oral Hygiene

Brushing twice a day and flossing daily is as important in the summer as it is in any other season. But with vacations, camp and lots of days spent at the pool, don’t be surprised if you frequently need to remind your kids to brush and floss.

Now is a great time to buy new toothbrushes to replace the old, worn out or “germy” ones. In fact, you should stock up on extra brushes, as well as travel-sized toothpaste and floss for those summer trips and days out. Tossing a few disposable tooth brushes into your hand bag is a convenient way to always be hygienically prepared. These disposable products are perfect for staying clean anywhere at any time.

Now’s the Time for Checkups

Parents tend to schedule dental checkups in August, right before class starts. But to prevent dental problems over summer, book the kids in right after school ends. This way, the kids will have a clean bill of dental health for summer. The last thing you want is a child suffering from a toothache while away on summer vacation.

Stock a Healthy Kitchen

Keep the summer from being an “acid attack” on your family’s teeth by investing in healthy snacks. It’s hard to limit snacking when the kids are home all day, but with the availability of fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables, you can stock the fridge with healthy options. Be sure to keep the fruits and veggies clean and ready to grab. You’ll feel better about snacking when the kids are reaching for blueberries and strawberries instead of candy and cookies. And swap out the sugary, acidic soft drinks with bottled water.

Prevent Dental Emergencies

It wouldn’t be summer without lots of swimming, bike riding, volleyball and other playground activities. And while these are great fun, they can unfortunately result in a dental injury. Parents can be prepared for the worst by following these tips:

  • Make sure your kids follow the “pool rules.” According to the Academy of General Dentistry, many of the summer oral injuries dentists treat are due to a pool accident. Running on slippery pool decks, diving into shallow waters or bumping the pool ledge with their mouth causes many children to either chip or knock a tooth loose.
  • Know what to do yourself. Getting to the dentist right away is important, there are things you can do to help. Use warm water and cold packs first, to clean the area and reduce swelling, respectively. Use gauze to stop any bleeding. Place a lost permanent tooth back in the mouth, if possible. If not, use salt water or even better, milk to keep it moist for the ride to the dentist.
  • Pack an emergency dental care kit to take along for vacation. Essentials for this kit, according to the AGD, are a handkerchief, gauze, a small container with a lid, ibuprofen and your dentist’s contact information.

Summer can really throw your routine for a loop. But by following these oral health tips for summer, your kids can start the school year with great oral hygiene.



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10 thoughts on “Oral Health Tips For Summer

  1. Luke Smith

    I agree with the article and feel that staying healthy, and have good dental hygiene is hard to do. Scheduling a dentist appointment during the summer is smart, also to stock up on healthy food. I will need to try that this upcoming summer.

  2. Lillian Moore

    Thanks for the article! I thought it was interesting that you suggest having a healthy kitchen to eat healthier snacks. The healthier foods lead to better care of your teeth, and the overall health of your mouth. I have a near perfect mouth and my mother has always helped me remember to brush and each healthy foods. I really appreciate your post, you have given me some really great ideas to care for my mouth.

  3. Kairi Gainsborough

    I think it is a really great idea to put together a dental emergency kit for summer vacation. My family is going to Disneyland next week, and I would be a shame if anyone ended up shipping a tooth. If I have everything I need to save the tooth, hopefully a dentist can repair it! I’m also planning on making dentist appoints for everyone before we leave, because I want to make sure that everyone has a nice smile for the pictures!

  4. Gregory Willard

    I had no idea that you should have your teeth checked in the summer instead of in the fall. We would always take my son to the dentist before school started. I will have to take him in the next month so that we are ahead of schedule.

  5. Brooke McAvoy

    I like your tip about booking appointment right after school ends. This is not only good for a kids dental health, but I’m having a hard time getting to the dentist in August. It is better to go before everyone else is thinking about it. I will also be talking your tips about stocking the kitchen with healthy food, thank you for all of the helpful information!

  6. Mena Bishara

    A healthy diet and preventive care is the best way to keep a healthy row of teeth. Definitely agree and make sure that the kids dont skip out on brushing their teeth at night including flossing.

  7. Ridley Fitzgerald

    It’s great to know how to keep teeth healthy in the summer. My kids are almost out of school, and so this is a problem I need to think about. I will make sure to stock up on healthy snacks, so they won’t just eat garbage while they’re home.

  8. Jesse Rios

    I want to thank the author for writing this great article. Actually, Summer is great for slowing down, but it is not the time to take a break from good oral health habits. Taking care of your teeth in the summer doesn’t need to be a tall task. Thanks again!


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