Back to School Tips

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One thing that sometimes inadvertently gets left off the back to school checklist is proper dental care. Here are some tips to ensure a healthy dental school year~


Don’t Rush the Brush

In the mad rush to meet the school bus, “just 5 more minutes (zzzzz) Mom” kids will sometimes skip brushing to save time. That’s not a good habit to get into. The body produces plaque germs every 20 minutes, these germs multiply throughout the day, skipping a brushing increases the chances of tooth decay. Try to help make sure your kids get in the habit of taking time twice a day to brush those germs away. You may also want to place a 2:00 minute timer by the bathroom sink, so the brush won’t be rushed.

Precautions Playing Contact Sports

Now is the time for your children to try out for their favorite sports team. Be sure to get a properly fitted mouth guard before try-outs. Many sports now a days require a mouth guard to participate, you can purchase an over the counter mouth guard at most pharmacies, and sporting goods stores. Custom made mouth guards are available if your child finds the over the counter ones to be uncomfortable, cumbersome, or ill fitting. A child is more likely to wear a mouth guard that fits properly.

Packing school snacks and lunches

Sticky, gooey candy, fruit rolls up, sodas, energy drinks, and granola bars are not great snacks for the lunch box. These foods and drinks are high in sugar and with extended exposure to the teeth during the long school can cause tooth decay. Instead, aim to pack cheeses, fresh fruit, raw veggies, wheat crackers and unsweetened fruit juices.

Don’t forget to visit me

Regular dental check-ups, two times per year, keep your child’s smile healthy. Visiting us regularly can make all the difference in the world between a happy healthy smile and a not so healthy one. Regular visits help ensure the following:

– normal tooth development
– healthy teeth and gums
– good brushing habits