Emergency Dental Care

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No parent ever
wants to see his or her child suffering from discomfort. When a pediatric
dental emergency occurs, you may ask yourself, “Where can I find emergency
pediatric dentists near me?” Fortunately, the help you need can be found with a
call to our children’s dentist office.

Where to Find
Emergency Pediatric Dentists

When your child is
experiencing a dental emergency, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as
possible. Postponing care can lead to unnecessary complications and could
require more extensive treatment. We offer compassionate care in a welcoming
environment. We understand that many children are uncomfortable when visiting
the dentist, so we strive to make every child feel safe during the treatment process.
If you suspect that your child is suffering from oral pain or another dental
emergency, please contact our office to schedule treatment at (860) 388-0142.

What Are Children’s
Emergency Dental Services?

Pediatric dentist
emergency care includes any urgent dental services that quickly relieve a
child’s oral pain. These services can also repair structural damage to a tooth
or address other issues that could worsen if left untreated. Dr. Edmonstone
also provides restorations and pain management solutions, if needed. Please
call our office if your child requires the following services:

  • Treatment for oral pain,
    including toothaches or feelings of pressure
  • Emergency tooth removal
  • Emergency repair of
    fractured, chipped, or avulsed teeth
  • Wisdom tooth discomfort
  • Repair of missing tooth
    fillings or crowns
  • Treatment for dental

When to Call for
Pediatric Dentist Emergency Care

I’m not sure if my
child’s symptoms are a sign of a pediatric dental emergency. When is it time to
look for emergency pediatric dentists near me?

If your child is
experiencing any of the following conditions or symptoms, he or she may need
urgent dental care. Please get in touch with our office if you observe any of
the following:

Broken or Fractured

It’s not uncommon
for children to suffer from broken or fractured teeth as a result of sports or
other activities. If this occurs, gather as many pieces of your child’s tooth
as possible. Using dental wax to cover the broken edges of a tooth can help
reduce the risk of injuring other parts of the mouth.

(Avulsed) Teeth

A child with
knocked-out teeth should be evaluated by a dentist as quickly as possible. For
older children, gently place the tooth back into its socket after cleaning it
with warm water. Do not place a knocked-out tooth inside a younger child’s
mouth, as he or she may swallow the tooth. If you need further instructions,
call our children’s dentist office (860) 388-0142.

Severe Toothache
Pain and Pressure

If your child is
complaining of a toothache, it’s time to call a pediatric dentist for emergency
dental services. Ask your child if he or she is experiencing feelings of
pressure or ear pain along with the toothache.

Tooth Sensitivity

Like adults,
children often suffer from tooth sensitivity. However, the causes are usually
different. Toddlers and young children sometimes experience pain in their “baby
teeth,” and older children may experience sensitivity due to an injury or
cavity. Sensitive teeth in children should be evaluated by a dentist.

Dental Decay

Both baby teeth and
permanent teeth can be affected by dental decay (cavities). Fortunately, during
childhood cavities can be successfully treated. If your child is experiencing
tooth pain or sensitivity, he or she should be examined for cavities.

Dental Abscess

An abscessed tooth
is an extremely painful infection that forms inside the tooth’s root. If an
abscess is present, your child may suffer from swollen gums, fever, or a bad
taste in his or her mouth. Call our children’s emergency dentist office
immediately if you suspect a tooth abscess, as the infection can spread to
other areas of your child’s body if left untreated.

Lost and Loose Fillings

Older children who
have had tooth fillings placed may experience a dislodged or even a missing
filling from time to time. If your child has a lost or loose tooth filling,
call our office right away to make an appointment.

Worn Tooth Enamel

If your child is
suffering from oral sensitivity, he or she may have tooth enamel that’s worn
down by grinding or other causes. Treatments are available to strengthen your
child’s enamel and relieve any discomfort.

What to Do When the
Problem Is Serious

I think my child’s
dental health problem is serious. Should I search for emergency pediatric
dentists near me or visit an area hospital?

At Dr. Edmonstone’s Pediatric Dental office, we are committed to helping your child achieve great dental health. However, some dental issues require more intensive treatment than a pediatric dentist emergency care office can provide. Call 911 or visit a local hospital if your child experiences the following:

  • Severe swelling around the
    face and gums
  •  Uncontrollable oral
  • A sudden, painful injury to
    the teeth, jaw, face, or head

Please call our office today to schedule your child’s next dentist
visit (860) 388-0142