Halloween Oral Hygiene: Keeping your Child’s Smile Healthy

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Halloween night is the perfect time to talk with your kids about why taking care of their teeth is pumpkin candyimportant. Your friends at Dr. Edmonstone’s  Pediatric Dental Office want to help you protect your kids from something even scarier than zombies, ghosts and goblins this Halloween. There’s something even more bone-chilling and it’s called tooth decay!

The best way to avoid any truly tricky consequences in the aftermath of Halloween is not to consume any candy at all.  However, we know that’s highly unlikely, so below you will find  a Halloween candy guide to help protect your kids from tooth decay and thereby ensure their optimal oral health for life:

Below is a listing from most harmful to the safest treats your kids should be choosing from their best worst candytrick-or-treat bag:

Sour Power – Sour candies are the absolute worst in that studies have revealed that the acids in sour candies are so destructive because they dissolve enamel on contact!

Hardly Harmless – Hard candy needs to be sucked on for an extended period of time and very chewy candies are harmful in that they get stuck between the teeth. Both hard and chewy candy allow bacteria to wreak havoc on your child’s teeth for a much longer period of time.

Resist Raisins – Don’t be fooled by their natural derivative. Raisins easily damage dental work because they are very sticky and do not mix well with fillings, braces or retainers.

Candy Bars Get Four Stars – While we can’t say candy bars are good for your oral health, they are less harmful because they are eaten quickly allowing less time for the sugar to damage with acid.

Dissolve Your Worry – Powder candy is fairly safe as the sugar dissolves quickly and makes little contact with the teeth.

Eat Two or Three if They’re Sugar Free – As obvious as it seems, sugar-free candy is the most highly recommended Halloween treat for your children’s teeth. You can even prevent cavities by chewing sugar free gum! Sugar free gum promotes increased saliva which neutralizes harmful bacteria.

If your little monsters will be in need a routine dental cleaning after Halloween give us a call and book an appointment today!

Halloween Candy Donations– Did your child receive more than enough candy this year while trick or treating? At Dr. Edmonstones Office we are accepting any wrapped Halloween candy that you would like to donate to the local food bank. Any candy donations are appreciated and we will deliver the candy to the food bank for you!

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