Halloween Oral Hygiene: Keeping your Child’s Smile Healthy

Halloween night is the perfect time to talk with your kids about why taking care of their teeth is important. Your friends at Dr. Edmonstone’s  Pediatric Dental Office want to help you protect your kids from something even scarier than zombies, ghosts and goblins this Halloween. There’s something even more bone-chilling and it’s called tooth decay! The best way to... read more »

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits

The Importance of Regular Dental Visits Make dental visits part of your oral hygiene routine. Dental visits for children and adults should be every six months. Visit your dentist twice a year (or as recommended by your dental professional) to help keep tooth stains under control and identify oral hygiene issues before any serious problems arise. Have you ever wondered... read more »

Oral Health Tips For Summer

During the summer months, your family's schedule is topsy-turvy. That means getting your kids to eat right and maintain good oral hygiene can be a struggle. And with all this extra activity, there may even be a dental emergency or two. Here are a few oral health tips for summer that will help you protect the kids and their developing... read more »

What is oral health? Teaching preschoolers about Dental Hygiene

At some point, preschoolers learn to do many things without any help. A certain degree of independence is a big step in your child's development, and it can include getting dressed in the morning and tying shoe laces. It can also include learning to brush teeth by himself, as well as taking responsibility for other oral health care duties. What... read more »

Oral Health and Safety for Children in the Winter

 Thank you to all who participated in the Toys for Tots Holiday Toy Drive! We wish you and your family a safe and beautiful holiday season! Dr. Edmonstone and Staff Protecting your kids' teeth and gums is a year-round job. But in the winter, oral health and safety for children means finding the right balance between the fun of a... read more »

Halloween Fun and Dental Health

All candy can cause tooth decay because of the sugar content. Sticky candies are the worst - caramels, gummies, jelly beans, and taffy. Not only do they contain sugar which can stick to the tooth surface causing tooth decay, they can also pull out fillings leading to the need for more restoration, and the more one tooth has to be... read more »

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?

Why Are Baby Teeth Important?   This is a question I receive in my practice quite often when parents learn their child has a cavity in a baby tooth that needs to be repaired: “Why do you have to fix a cavity on a baby tooth that he/she will just lose anyway? Is it really necessary?”   It’s a great... read more »

How to Prevent Dental Decay

Eat healthy foods: avoid sugar and starchy foods between meals. Sugars and Starches especially those that stick to the teeth contribute to tooth decay. Starches like, bread, cereal and crackers and Sugars like juices, candy, and cakes when mixed with plaque bacteria and saliva form an acid that will cause tooth decay. Drink plenty of water each day. Brush your... read more »

Happy Holidays!

The Holidays are a time to reflect and be grateful.  I’m grateful all year long, but like most of us, I tend to reflect more specifically on what I’m grateful for during the holiday season starting with Thanksgiving, one of my favorite holidays, and continuing on through the New Year. I am thankful to be blessed with a wonderful family.... read more »

Back to School Tips

  One thing that sometimes inadvertently gets left off the back to school checklist is proper dental care. Here are some tips to ensure a healthy dental school year~   Don’t Rush the Brush In the mad rush to meet the school bus, “just 5 more minutes (zzzzz) Mom” kids will sometimes skip brushing to save time. That’s not a... read more »